The Late Enugu state commissioner for transportation, Rt. Hon. Mathias Ekweremadu has been buried. UGAMATV REPORTS.

The Commisioner who took the inevitable bow on the 4th of February 2021 was committed to mother earth on Friday 5th March 2021, in his country home, Mpu Aninri local government area of Enugu state.

The late Ekweremadu was a man you could call “unstoppable”,  as he led an unmitigated life.

Mathias Ekweremadu was born in Mpu, in the present Aninri local government Area of Enugu State on 14th June , 1965, to chief and mrs. Mathias Ekweremadu, snr.

At the time of his birth, both parents were farmers who also engaged in other business activities. Reputed for his benevolence to the church and Community, his father who was later to become the traditional ruler of his town, as often recounted by the younger Ekweremadu was a devout Methodist with a knack for education.

The little Mathias had his early education at community primary School, Awgu , mpu and came out in flying colours in his first School leaving Certificate examination. Being a man of destiny, the young lad had his own ideas about the path he wanted to explore despite other familial preferences.

He went in Business, corely Pharmaceuticals, after which he started politicking.

Rt. Hon . M. Ekweremadu was a role model in loyalty and humility to his friends and associates , an inimitable symbol of love and affection to his beloved wife and children ; a shining example of a peace agent, a go-getter and an uncommon philanthropist as the curtain falls on his earthly sojourn , he serves as a reference point of what a determined spirit can achieve .

From his early days as a holder of the first School leaving certificate Ezeigbo, rose to an enviable height in academics with a bachelors degree in political science from the Enugu State University of science and technology , Enugu and a masters degree in International affairs and diplomacy (M.Sc) from the Abia state University, Uturu. As family, friends and humanity bid Ezeigbo farewell, he will forever be remembered for the souls that he touched.

The younger generation that he mentored and the exemplary Services that he rendered to community and humanity.

As a testimony to his commitment to the Service of this nation the conferment of the prestigious national honours award, officer of the order of the Nigeria (OON) was made on Him.

Late Ekweremadu’s first major foray into politics was when he contested for the chairmanship of Aninri local government area.
Prior to that, he had served as political adviser to three council chairman and garnered enough experiences on local government administration that ostensibly prepared him for the tasks ahead.

He was, up until his demise, the Enugu state commissioner for transportation. He had prior to that, served in the good capacities of Chairman, Aninri local government council, Chief Whip, Enugu state house of Assembly, amongst other principal political and public offices.

He, however, was confirmed on the 4th of February 2021 at the Niger Foundation hospital Enugu, he was subsequently buried on Friday, 5th March 2021.

The burial drew all at the helm of power, such as the Executive Governor of Enugu state, Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi, members of Enugu state Executive council, Enugu state house of assembly amongst other distinguished leaders.


It was indeed a moment of grief amid the burial as several principal officers as well the family members of the deceased creates heartfelt tributes for the late Ekweremadu.

His Wife, Stella, though devastated, had taken time to Eulogise him, painstakingly outlining his dotingness as a husband and as a Father, his wisdom and imperial qualities as displayed in the handling of public and personal matters.

She wrote, “Ezeigbo my beloved husband , it is still hard fo me to accept that you are gone to be seen no more. Everyday , I wake up to see an empty space where you had usually slept beside me which has now become a cold empty space created by the reality of your sudden departure; the paints that come with the reality of your death crash down on me unabated. They say time heals all wounds but in your death I have come to realise that the saying is not entirely true. There are wound that time won’t heal, instead, time would teach us how to live with their pains. My love, to me the wound caused by your  departure is one of such wounds I will over time learn how to live with its pains. I will start learning how to put on a cosmetic smile and say I am okay’ when people ask me how am I doing but in sincerity, I will never be truly okay without you. I will live a new normal’ life as they say a new normal life with the ever present pains resulting from wounds of your irreplaceable absence from my life.

The President of the Senate, Sen. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, a Colleague of the deceased’s older brother, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, wrote, “Mathias indeed lived an impactful life having risen steadily from chairman of a local government, to chief whip of Enugu State house of Assembly and lastly, Commissioner of transport. He indeed served God and country with solemn dedication and forthrightness.

It is indeed unfortunate that he passed on at a time when his capabilities were yet to be fully harnessed for the good of his family and development of the people of Enugu State.”

Enugu Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi stated “At the hospital, I beheld Ezeigbo (Ekweremadu) lying motionless amidst tearful supplication to God for his healing by determined Christian brethren, family, friends and staff.

“I sat there in union of prayers for his divine healing. This went on for about two hours before we yielded to the hospital protocol for handling death.

“High-pitched wailing of inconsolable family, brethren, friends and staff rent the air. The reality finally dawned on all of us that Ezeigbo had gone. Anguish overwhelmed me. The rest is history”.

Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, a Brother to the late Commissioner took to his social media page to eulogise his brother, saying, “The Holy Scriptures says that there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. But there is also a brother that sticks closer than others; and Ezeigbo was truly one. Growing up, we shared great moments of brotherhood and we stood by each other at very critical moment of our lives. He was not just my brother; he was my partner, my friend, and my ally. I also believe we will ultimately meet in heaven to renew our brotherhood, friendship, and partnership.

The Deputy Minority leader, house of representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu, wrote, “Ezeigbo was a fervid Community leader and grass-root politician, he was the Council chairman, Aninri LGA, chief whip of the Enugu State house of assembly and Commissioner for transport, Enugu State government,

His death is indeed a loss not only to your family, but to Enugu State and Aninri LGA, as we mourn his demise, pray that God grants us the fortitude to bear the loss.

On behalf of my family and constituents, please accept my sympathy.

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