A certain someone, once referred to death as “the essence of life.”

While most persons argued the truth in this statement, the rest called it “impunity in the face of insensitivity.”

I am however of the Opinion that death isn’t the essence of life, rather “Death gives meaning and value to life.”

It is in death, that the living create a sense of value to their lives. Death reminds us of the ephemeral state of life. It tells us that life in all its glamour is temporal, one cannot count on life itself.

One begins to wonder on how a fully functioning man, left the sweet confines of his home and family in the morning, with the booming hope of returning back later in the day, only to do so in a body bag.

What had happened? What might have gone wrong? Wasn’t he just fine? wasn’t he just talking? Wasn’t he just alive?

Yes, he was! But then, “DEATH” had crept in and claimed his inevitable price, “life”. “DEATH” has happened!

Leaving the family and the loved ones of the deceased in a state of dilemma and perpetual confusion, begging the question, “How and where did we get it wrong?”
“What could we have done more or better? “

Need I say, Nothing.

Death begs no one. It reaps where it hasn’t sown. It is damned with the inevitable curse of stealing lives, there is nothing practical the living can do about it!

If there be, it only prolongs and delays the course of nature! It only gives death “the run around”, after which it eventually descends like a teeming hawk and swipes the life out of an unsuspecting being, ridding them of their will to live, rendering them void of any zeal to “FIGHT”.

Death takes! It is unapologetic about it!

Who then do we blame?

Who then, do we curse?

I, for one, knows not!

It is only Sad that you took the bow so soon. As inevitable as it may, your loss brings great hurt, especially to your family, Ezeigbo.

We can only pray for the fortitude to pull through at this time, because just like the ancient stones, our hearts has taken an engraving of your footprints.

This is to an eternal farewell!

A candle light for your path as you journey to the great beyond!

Fare thee well Ezeigbo Dengi
Goodnight honorable!

Till we meet to part no more!


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