Settle Down

To avoid stories that touch the heart in marriage, do these before you settle down.

Finally, you’ve met the right one. You are in love. God! the butterflies. You want to see him/her everytime and you are convinced that this is the one that you should marry.

But before you go on, here are matters that should be taken care off

Money Matter

I am yet to understand why a jobless man/woman would thinking of settling down. How do you intend to maintain that marriage?

There will be bills and they must be paid, when needs are not met, resentment will start to build up.

Everyone woman must have a job or a skill that will make money over time before entering a man’s house. Woman, you are his help.

If you are not going to help him when you settle down with him, why marry him?

Man, it is your duty to provide for your family, you are supposed to be the head of the home!!

Your in-laws are your family

If your father and mother in-law are still alive, you have two mothers and two fathers. Nothing makes a man happier than seeing his wife interacting with his family peacefully.

Try your best and live the rest but just make sure that you have done your best to ensure that there is peace.

Get to know his family before you settle down with him.

If you man is a first son, please bear it in mind that he will be attending to a lot of family matters.

The right time to settle down if finances has been sorted out and his family and yours are in tune with eachother.

Talk about plans for kids before they start coming

Decide what you will save every month or week for the kids. Begin early, if you start planning to get married now, a baby will come in a year or so.

If you save like fifty thousand every month in 12 months that’s alot. Do it for your kids and you will never worry about money for their education when they grow up.

I plan to do this and i must.

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