Playing Games

I will say this over and over again, there is no formular to love but there are a few things that you shouldn’t do if you want him to stay.

Who brainwashed my gender into believing that playing games and playing hard to get is the best way to get him to stay.

People tend to run away from anything that stresses them, including me. If you want something, go for it.

Stop Playing Games

I will pick his call on the third ring, I have to appear very busy so he won’t look down on me. I will see him again after one month so that he will miss me very well.

Bullshit! waiting that long will make you lose the opoturnity of getting to know each other better. One month is enough for him to meet another lady and move on.

Entitlement Mentality

Madam, he is trying to meet a grown woman who he will date and marry, not a broke brat that wants all the good things in life but can’t afford one.

Men tend to take care of women they love so let it flow first. Most of the time, a good man does not like to see his woman struggle so he will naturally step in.

But, don’t make it look like he owe you. He doesn’t.

Stop the Emasculating Behaviour

He is not a baby. Allow him to do this by himself. Let’s say he decides to fix things around the house, maybe a bad plumbing work; allow him learn through the process.

Let him figure it out, he will be able to do it at the end of the day. Whenever he does somthing right, celebrate him.

You are happy that he can finally cut onions right so hug and kiss him. See you gotta make your man feel good.

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Sending you love and light!!

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