Traditional medicine practitioners gets   Enugu state govt backing for operation  

Association of traditional  medicine practitioners (ATMPES)  Enugu state  in collaboration  with Association of Traditional Bone-Healers, Of Nigeria (ASTABHON) has received  all the the statutory  right  and the legal backing from the state government  to begin it operation  officially and  be recognized  as a registered Association  fully belonging to the National association of nigeria traditional medicine practitioners. 

The the state government  haven given this order,  also allocated an office to them and pledged  to support them with all the necessary  things they might need to run there affairs successfully. 

The Association revealed  this during a meeting in Enugu where they inducted some   of it member who have successfully  concluded their  registration /licensing programe which full certifies them as true traditional medicine practitioners in the State .

It can be recalled that during there quest for inclusion in the membership of the National Board for Traditional Medicine Practitioners, NTMP. The trado practitioners had paid a courtesy  visit to the Commissioner  for health Professor. Emmanuel  Obi  asking for membership permit of the National Board for Traditional Medicine Practitioners.

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 Chairman of the Association, Chief, Dr. Nwaweniteaku Anamulueze, thanked the state government  with the ministry  of health for giving them the reconstitution of board and all the necessary  backing they need for proper  identification as an association .

He  said the backing will enable them operate like their  counterparts  in the various state  and Enugu  state as the headquarters of the south east will not be the least  in operation but will  lead and others will follow.

The Association also promise to  leave no stone unturn in the area of creating  employment opportunities  for youths and the general public and also harnessing potentialities  of traditional medicine practitioners and engaging in activities  for continuing education. 

He promised  that he will use his  office  as the Chairman  of the association from now henceforth  to flush out those who are quacks in the practice to enable them know those who are Authentic  and genue 

“We dont want fraud , quacks those who kill people or inflict all kind of diseases to people , they print paper here and there claiming they are authentic but are quacks 

“We will from now henceforth  Mobile our taskforce  who will go round towns, villages to monitor  and arrest those who are quacks and killing people  in the name of traditional medicine  practitioners. They will no longer have the free access to operate like before where there is no recognised  association of  practitioners 

“We have the backing of Nafdac, that will have  a thorough examination  of products of any one who comes  to join the association and  we will interview  the person before certifying him or her as authentic in their field of practice or professional. 

Dr. Nwaweniteaku stated that God has blessed roots and herbs  to be use for different  purposes in curing all kind of diseases  and ailments  but some people have taken advantage  of this blessing by  misusing  it .

 “God has blessed roots and herbs so well but people are misusing this blessing  for other negative purpose but and if by any means you use This root  and herbs to cause  death of someone, it will fail you”

The chairman  now used the opportunity  to call on the state government  for support  to help them renovate  their new office and help them secure some machineries to be use  for proper packaging and for research institute to enable them meet modern  and international  standards .  “Just like the period of corona virus,  monkey purse, and the rest, so we will be able to bring our own contributions  in curing the deadly disease . There is nothing root and herbs can not cure” He said.

The vice chairman  of the association Doctor Queen Akajiogo, thanked  and applauded  the administration of the executive Governor  of Enugu state Governor Ifeanyi  Ugwuanyi  for his support and promised that they will not fail him .

She noted that  though the Association has existed  before now, but has no proper and  necessary backing for proper recognition  and running of it affair  “but now, we have the full support  of the state government  for proper operation without interruption ,we are the right people

“We therefore we call on dealers of all spiritual  and traditional  materials  in the markets in Enugu state to come and register and identify  themselves  with the members of Enugu state association of traditional medicine  practitioners  for registration .

 Photos of the group, those newly inducted and licenced with CAC  and National  Association of Nigeria  traditional medicine practitioners membership  (NANTMP)certificate.

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