UgamaTV An extra pair of eyes to your Events

UgamaTV is a platform birthed for the sake of transparency and honesty in the media world, bringing Juicy And Incisive from Genuine local and international sources.

Moreso, we offer you news and information on varieties of categories which includes Culture, Events, politics, Entertainment, Business etc.

However, contrary to the views of the public about this Organization, we do not just offer you the opportunity to access quality News, We also do a wide range of Event Coverage.

In a bid to bring your events to the eyes of the world, or get a better and wider range of publicity for your event, UgamaTV got you Covered!

With the ingenuity of duty delivered by our management and staff, We Always bring colour and satisfaction to Events of our patrons.

Therefore, Are you looking for a trusted hand to handle your event Coverage?

A hitch-free strategist that will bring your events to eyes of greater Audience?

UgamaTV Got your back on this! 

We Cover events like weddings, Traditional Coronation, Offala Festivals, Iri ji, masquerade and other native Festivals, Igbankwu and other life Celebrations.

Book us today and have a great job satisfaction.

News @Your fingertips.

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