we will partner with health practitioners in the Enugu state to tackle any pandemic – ATMPES

The  Association  of traditional medicine practitioners (ATMPES)  Enugu state, in collaboration  with Association of Traditional Bone-Healers of Nigeria (ASTABHON) has reasured the government  of Enugu  state their readiness  and prepardness to partner with other health practitioners  to tackle any kind of pandemic. 

Adding that  God has blessed roots and herbs  to be use for different  purposes in curing all kind of diseases  and ailments which most people dont know,  stating that they   will also  leave no stone unturn in the area of creating  employment opportunities  for youths and the general public and also harnessing potentialities  of traditional medicine practitioners and engaging in activities  for continuing education. 

 Chief, Dr. Nwaweniteaku Anamulueze the Chairman  of the association who applauded  the Governor  of Enugu state  His Execllency, Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for his cordial relationship  with the association , restated   there support toward the growth of revenue in  Enugu state.

 Promising to  collaborate  with all other health  practitioners  in the state  and beyond to tackle  any pandemic that might occur, adding  that they have received  all the necessary  backing and registration /licensing which fully certifies them as true traditional medicine practitioners in the State .

He promised  that he will use his  office  as the Chairman  of the association from now henceforth  to flush out those who are quacks in the practice to enable them know those who are Authentic  and genue 

“We dont want fraud , quacks those who kill people or inflict all kind of diseases to people , they print paper here and there claiming they are authentic but are quacks 

“We will from now henceforth  Mobile our taskforce  who will go round towns, villages to monitor  and arrest those who are quacks and killing people  in the name of traditional medicine  practitioners. They will no longer have the free access to operate like before where there is no recognised  association of  practitioners 

“We have the backing of Nafdac, that will have  a thorough examination  of products of any one who comes  to join the association and  we will interview  the person before certifying him or her as authentic in their field of practice or professional. 

The patron of the association  Chief ossai Agu  also thanked the Governor of Enugu state for his support toward ensuring the association  got all that is due to them and promised that the association  will not disappoint  the his administration  .

“We will not disappoint  the Governor  for believing we have something  to offer to the state and country at large in the health sector, we will not missuse this opportunity  rather we will  make sure  we stand out in the face of traditional  medicine prodction.

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