Women want the same thing but in different ways

We want a man who can make us feel special, someone who loves us unconditionally, someone we can confide in.

Someone who can tell when all we need is a hug and a whisper that everything will be alright.

We need a real man. A man who can protect us and care for us and give us strong shoulders to lean on.

Women go through alot in life and some of us have allowed bad experiences to affect their outlook on life, they have refused to pay attention and heal.

They roam around like women lions hurting everyone they meet because they are hurt themselves.

If as a man you happen to fall in love with a woman who is still hurting, give it time, help her grow, find out what she really wants. Help her.

I am tearing up as I write this, Sometimes life beats us so hard that you have no idea what to do, and deep inside you know you need help and you are hoping that your man will understand.

Real women don’t forget who loved, cared for and protected them. Be there for her and see if she won’t evolve into the woman of your dreams.

Be kind bro.

I am sending you love and life.

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