Special need

Every woman dreams of a day that she will bring another human being into this world

For some women, there dream came to pass just like they anticipated but for others, the dream came with something etra.

It’s quite challenging but you gotta do what you gotta do and that is attending to your child’s needs.

Here are a few things in mind when caring for a special child.

First of all, you need to accept the situation and get mentally prepared for the task ahead.

Find out more about your child’s condition
Learning everything you can about your child’s condition means you can identify potential medical complications, assist with their development and advocate for them at every stage of life. 

Many developmental disorders affect a child’s physical health, For example, children with autism may experience seizures, gastrointestinal difficulties, sleeplessness and trouble eating.

Knowing what your child is passing through will help guide the doctors who are taking care of your child.

Teach your special child how to be independent
The first steps toward this independence are made at home when children are young, special or not.

As long your child is not brain dead, he/she will be able to figure out how to do things. 

Teaching children to be responsible for their own laundry or other chores will provide a great experience and translate to self-confidence when making their own decisions.

Riding public transportation or running errands together will also help them adjust to crowded areas and help them become comfortable when outside. 

Educate your special child
School is hard for all children, especially those with special needs. Staying involved with your child’s school and teacher will keep you in tune with their progress.

Supervise his/her homework and your child will see how important education is.

Play can be therapeutic 
Getting your child involved in group activities like art, camps or sports will give them a chance to socialize outside of the home.

It will also help in building confidence and creating lasting friendships.

Staying active with exercise and learning a new skill is valuable for any developing mind and body.

Make friends with parents with special needs, they will serve as a support group where you can share experiences and learn as well.

Be strong alright.

I am sending you so much love and light because i know you need it.

Super mum/Dad, we appreciate you.

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