Dark secret

What Do You Do?

You met this amazing person and you really like him/her. You plan to spend the rest of this particular person but a dark secret is tearing you apart.

The last few days have tough been for you and your partner because he/she has been having mood swings and you have been trying to find out why.

Finally, the answer came and it’s not pretty.

You can’t believe your angelic looking partner has such a dark secret.

What would you do?

How about not being able to give birth as a result of previous abortions?

It could be that he killed someone and no one knows?

What if he used to be an armed robber before he changed?

Let’s say she has a grown up child that she couldn’t tell you about?

Will it change anything?

Here are my thoughts; old things have and behold all things are made new.

Everyone has a past, some are darker than the other but people change and become better.

Don’t let the past destroy the present. Almost everyone has something that they will tell someone.

Secrets! and it could be really dark, people do alot of things to survive.

If what you have is beautiful and makes you happy. Please keep it.

I am sending you love and light

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