igbo culture

There is no telling what window go through in Igbo land

When a woman loses her husband in Igbo culture, she will be subjected to all manner of degrading treatment. They are often the chief suspects in the death of their husbands.

To clear their names, they are expected to go through fetish rituals in order to absolve
themselves from complicity in their husband’s death.

Some Igbo customs demand widows to drink the water that was used to bathe the corpse of their deceased husbands.

Some of these traditions do not consider that the woman is already in pains as a result of the death of her husband, first, it is the compulsory shaving of hair then sitting
and sleeping on the bare floor throughout the mourning period; crying out at regular intervals and finally, the widow’s movement is usually restricted within the house.

The Igbo Culture also bans the widows from trading within this lengthy mourning period, as a mark of respect for her deceased partner.

Men are not subjected all of these when the lose their wife, instead they are even advised to marry within one year.

I will always be a proud Igbo girl but this particular culture should be looked into.

Allow widows to morn in peace.

Sending you peace and love.

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