Stella Mathias Ekweremadu, the Wife of the deceased Enugu commissioner for transport, Hon. Mathias Ekweremadu is devastated over the sudden death of her husband. UGAMATV REPORTS.

The widow had expressed the heaviness of her heart in a heartfelt tribute for her late husband.

She had taken time to Eulogise him, painstakingly outlining his dotingness as a husband and as a Father, his wisdom and imperial qualities as displayed in the handling of public matters.

The deceased was, up until his demise, the Enugu state commissioner for transportation. He had prior to that, served in the good capacities of Chairman, Aninri local government council, Chief Whip, Enugu state house of Assembly, amongst other principal political and public offices.

He, however, was confirmed on the 4th of February 2021 at the Niger Foundation hospital Enugu, he was subsequently buried on Friday, 5th March 2021.

Amid the pains and the grief, she prayed for the peaceful and eternal repose of his kind soul.

The Eulogy reads thus:


Ezeigbo my beloved husband , it is still hard fo me to accept that you are gone to be seen no more. Everyday , I wake up to see an empty space where you had usually slept beside me which has now become a cold empty space created by the reality of your sudden departure; the paints that come with the reality of your death crash down on me unabated. They say time heals all wounds but in your death I have come to realise that the saying is not entirely true. There are wound that time won’t heal, instead, time would teach us how to live with their pains. My love, to me the wound caused by your  departure is one of such wounds I will over time learn how to live with its pains. I will start learning how to put on a cosmetic smile and say I am okay’ when people ask me how am I doing but in sincerity, I will never be truly okay without you. I will live a new normal’ life as they say a new normal life with the ever present pains resulting from wounds of your irreplaceable absence from my life.

Ezeigbo was one of the most kind, the most loving and the most compassionate persons I’ve ever known. He found it hard to say no to any request for assistance. He would easily give out his prized possessions without a second through, not because he had enough but because his care and love for the needly were insatiable.

My husband was a committed and dedicated Christian and even the very day he died was the day he was rounding off with his new month fasting program. He believe in saying the truth no matter the circumstance, even if it requires his standing alone. He believed in doing the right thing at all time, not minding who would benefit or be adversely affected by his action.

My husband was an eternal optimist with a quick and ever ready smile on his face and always adopted positive attitude and approach  to issues no matter the situation. Since I knew him firmly believed that the best is yet to come and he never loses hope in what he believed in until the day he breathed his last

My husband ezeigbo was more than a husband to me and although the thirty years we spent together as husband and wife were not all smooth and rosy, yet, they were the best years my life and I am happy and feel honoured to have been with him. Ezeigbo was not just my husband and life partner , he was my soul mate , my best friend and teacher and how that is no more, half of me is gone with him and I don’t known how to move on without my best travelling mate. People believe that after laying him to rest I’ll have closure and then would be able to move on, but I don’t see how that would be possible. Its only God that can help me go through this difficult time. But no matter how long it lasts, I will always deeply miss his especially in my quiet moments and trying times when he won’t be there to give his positive advice and the assurance of his supports

My dear husband, although your life on earth was cut short,, I believe in the saying that what is most important is not how long one lived but well his life positively impacted on others. You lived well and impacted so positively in the lives of people you tried in your own unassuming and sincere way to spread happiness in whatever form you could; in kind words, little Financial assistance or a simple smile, to ignite happiness in the lives of people. You tried to always impact on lives positively. You may’ve livd so long but you tried to live well

My love, as the lord has deemed it fit to call you back to himself from this life at this moment in time, I cannot question his overriding will. I can only hold on to the hope that you are in a better place, where all your pains and worries have come to an end.

Farewell my beloved husband, till we meet to part to more. Your children and I love you but God loves you more. Good night

Adieu, my beloved husband ,
Adieu, Ezeigbo Dengi,
Adieu, Chikeluba of mpu,
Adieu Aha ji eje Mba na Aninri ,
Adieu Ochiriozua,
Adieu Ikuku na Okomigbo,
Sayonara, Oti mgbodomgbo.

Stella Mathias Ekweremadu

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