Yam pepper soup is a very common food eaten in the Igbo land especially for breast feeding mothers during the period of omugwo. This food believed to help cleanse the uterus of the new mom, help the vagina contract and pump enough breast milk for the baby.

Uziza(African or black pepper) It enhances uterine contraction for expulsion of placenta and other residues after birth. It helps the uterine muscles to contrast back.

Uda (Negro pepper) It serves as a natural contraceptive, helps in reducing the high rate of pregnancy among nursing mothers.

Ajumbaise It is a very good herb from a town in Imo state,Nigeria. It helps a nursing mother to drop down the pregnancy weight, it also helps to cleanse the womb of any remaining postnatal remains.

Below are the ingredients used for the yam pepper soup (Ji mmiri oku)

  • Yam
  • Cry fish
  • Dried pepper
  • Stock fish
  • Scent leave (choice)
  • Salt
  • Uziza
  • Dried cat fish
  • Goat meat (optional)

Cooking Steps

  •  Grind the uda and Uziza to powder form.
  • Cut the yam to your desired size.
  •  Wash the stock fish and the dried Catfish with Warm water and salt to clean off the dirt.
  • Wash the ajumbaise thoroughly with salt and cold water, don’t loosen it.
  • Put the ajumbaise inside a pot, add Water to cover it and cook for about 30 minutes till it brings out its colour.
  • Remove the ajumbaise from the pot, do not discard it, it can be reused for up to three  times.
  •  Put your stock fish into the water, followed with uda and Uziza and cook till 60% done. I used the strong type of stockfish
  • Add the yam, followed with salt and dried pepper and allow to cook.
  • When  the yam is almost done, add the dried Catfish and crayfish. Cover the pot and cook for about 5 minutes.
  • Add the Uziza leaf (optional). Turn off the heat and serve hot.

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