THE Igwe E.O Anigwe memorial Foundation had on Thursday, donated a myriad of classroom chairs to Shikaghom primary school, an early years school in Agbogugu town in Awgu local government of Enugu state.

UGAMATV learnt that the Igwe E.O Anigwe memorial Foundation, was instituted by Late Prince Chibuko Anigwe, who was born on April 3rd, 1966 in Enugu state, Nigeria, to the home of late HRH lgwe Emmanuel and Lolo Helen Anigwe, from Agbogugu in Awgu local government Area.

Growing up, Anigwe was a profound family man. He was a devoted husband, son, father, uncle, brother and friend. A man who revered God, a principle action that guided his existence. He strove to honor, support, guide and protect his family.

He lived his life to the fullest amid creating unending ripples of impacts on many lives, it was his life’s dream and Vision to reach out and distribute the sole aim of humanity which is shown through kindness.

He eventually passed on the 15th of June, 2020.

His Co-vision bearer, his amiable wife, Mrs Irene Anigwe, has continually supported this Vision as she has never been reluctant or hesitant towards being of tremendous help to people.

His passing notwithstanding, his Wife and Children followed suit in upholding the core Values and Objectives of his Foundation and legacy.

This is probably the reason why this vision has thrived and continually seen the light of the day, since Mrs Irene Anigwe, the window of late Chibuko Anigwe as well as his Children, though residents of Canada, became the Ernest forerunners of this great mandate.

It was amid a telephone conversation, that Mrs Irene disclosed to our Correspondents, of the pertinence of this foundation saying, ” This foundation is of great importance to my late husband and I, he has never done this just for show or to chase clout, he only did it because he was a good and kind man, it was his dream even as a young man, it was so easy keying into this life’s purpose”

“Chibuko was a nice man, he was good to people, he always rendered help at every needed Instance, I solemnly promise that with God’s help and our deliberate efforts, his legacy will still reign and continually stand even after had long gone to the greater beyond.” She continued.

“It was in his quest to reach out, to make a difference in the lives of people, to make the world a better place, that he moved to construct The “Igwe memorial hospital”, though yet to be completed before his passing, he wanted to give vitality of living and health to his people, the hospital is targeted as giving accessibility to primary health care to persons without rigorous process, by the grace of the almighty, it will be completed and Fulfill it’s need.”

“What is going on in the world is bigger than anyone, if only we will acknowledge that and reach out to the less privileged, just like my dear husband did, then the world would be a better place, it isn’t about politics, it is solely about being kind, magnanimous and benevolence, being of a largesse heart towards the needy and the less privileged.”

The Foundation was established with the Sole aim of reaching office to the destitutes and less privileged of the Society. Their major Focus being the Widows, Orphans and others facing any manner of impoverishment.

They have chosen to Invest in the Health, Educational and general welfare of these ones. Having realised that a large amount of Nigerians are within or around the poverty range of the income rate.

Cogent reports and investigations from our Correspondents have shown that the afore-mentioned foundation has been unmitigated in the provision of needed assistance, Financially and otherwise, as and at when due, in the life of several beneficiaries.

We also gathered that Chris, as he was fondly called, took to all legally possible measures to render help to his people, at some point, he even had to sell his house and other acquisitions, all in a bid to give back and invest in his Community, giving them a chance at a brighter and better existence.

It was out of their magnanimity and in obeisance to their values and objectives, that they visited the Shikaghom primary school, where they observed that the students were in dire need of sitting positions, which prompted them to donate Classroom chairs to the school, thereby availing comfortability whilst studying to the pupils.

It was in the event of the donation that the the Coordinator of the foundation, Mr. Anthony Udeze said that the founder was an exceptional person who harbours immense concerns for the welfare of the poor in the society. His driving force is to avail necessities for them, Such that deprivation would not be their case due to lack of Funds. 

He also disclosed that the founder was involved in paying of school fees of pupils, clothing and feeding of the poor especially the orphans.

In his words, he described late prince Christian chibuko as a “man with a golden heart and genuine vision for the masses.”

He then Enjoined other well meaning Nigerians, to imbibe the attitude of identifying the needy and offering support to them on the platform of this foundation. This is to ensure continuity and fulfilment of these stipulated goals.

An Agbogugu community state holder, Comrade Victor Onuoha, while presenting the seats to the Headmistress of the Primary school, affirmed that late prince Christian chibuko was a man of the people, one whose spot can not be filled in the hearts of his people. He then appreciated the beauty of kindness as being upheld by the wife and Children of the founder as he reiterated that God continues to bless them to continue uplifting humanity.

A great Friend and close acquaintance of the deceased, who also doubles as a co-Cordinator, Pastor Edward Osawaru, stated that “the greatest investment one can possibly achieve in life ought to be Human investment. This involves the investment of one’s time, money and energy in developing human life, this he guaranteed will still speak for one, even when one must have left the earth.

He also reiterated that the founder was very passionate about mankind, however, this was not limited to his community. His love for humanity encompassed both the lives of persons from other hemispheres.

“It is indeed commendable that his family also decided to take up the responsibility and continue to live out his Legacy.”, He concluded.

The PTA chairman of the school Chief Polycarp Okolo as well as the chairman Of the school management Board Enugu state, Mr. Albert Ude, expressed their profound gratitude to the Foundation, stating that they have continually been of great support to the school, as they have undertaken several projects which included the payment of school fees of the pupils, Crowning it with the presentation of Class Chairs.

The Head Mistress of Shikaghom primary School, Agbogugu, obviously basking in euphoria, said that her heart was filled with joy, she stated that the foundation was quite renowned with their benevolent acts especially to the Children, however, she is indeed fulfilled to witness one of their good deeds.

Equally, she encouraged them to continue with the good work, as they are making indelible marks in hearts of the children, the community and the world at large.

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